Episode 10: Steve in Massachusetts sells $13k of ads in 2 days. Learn his incredibly effective pitch in seconds.

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Steve H. in Massachusetts saw a 12×18 co-op mailer in Maine where his summer residence is, so he duplicated the model himself in Massachusetts and eventually found the 9×12 system product.

Amazingly, Steve just sold $13,000 worth of ad contracts in just 2 days as he re-signed existing advertisers from his first successful run. Fortunately, I was able to get him on the phone for a half hour or so and hear what’s working for him.

You’ll love hearing some of the experiences he’s had and I’m positive you’ll come away with a lot more insight into running a successful co-op ad business. Just his opening pitch technique is worth listening, not to mention everything else.

No fluff and nothing to sell, this is just straight value from someone making this a huge success like you should.

In this easy-to-listen interview, you’ll find some pretty interesting stuff including:

  1. How he was flung from a high paying corporate job and now running a successful co-op advertising business
  2. He sent out scraped emails today and already people on board
  3. Two days sold $13k in ads
  4. Today sold $1500 worth of ads
  5. How this ‘idea’ has now turned into a real business, forcing him to HAVE to start a legit biz just so he can cash all these checks instead of paypal.
  6. How hard it is to ‘step off the cliff’ of a corporate cushy job and into self-employment
  7. Surviving two heart attacks and friends now passing away, how time is so important and valuable, and that it shouldn’t be wasted on working for some a–hole company.
  8. How mobile marketing was ‘impossible’ to sell until he started offering the co-op advertising first. A great example of an auto detailer who wouldn’t give him the time of day until he saw the co-op piece, then signed up for everything including mobile marketing.
  9. A landscaping client landed a $2k cash job the 2nd day of the mailer going out, then landed a $10k annual contract, and told his whole crew they should be thanking Steve for the business!
  10. How he explains mobile marketing in simple terms for business owners to understand
  11. The importance of being more than a one trick pony.
  12. An incredibly powerful story of seeing a person by chance opening their mailbox and what happened!
  13. Handling poor response on a clients ad
  14. A carwash with absolutely insane response, better than the ad in the paper he had always ran
  15. A super fast short, direct, and effective pitch that gets the point across in seconds.
  16. How employees can really screw up response:: a funny story of how someone misplaced the coupons, didn’t want to re-sign, then found them and panicked, begging to re-sign!
  17. How sending a series of emails to new clients can seriously help
  18. How to integrate facebook easily with your already-made ads!
  19. How persistent should you be when a gatekeeper blows you off or tells you they’re not interested?
  20. Advice for those starting up

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  1. Please clarify…..did Steve say that if a business buys an ad that he GIVES them a mobile site ? How does he do that ? Thanks

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