Additional Resources

These are some helpful products that you might find useful:

Monica’s Faceless 9×12 Guide (Monica has filled cards REMOTELY with no face to face (no phone, only email/message) for years even in far away cities. She is the undisputed master of remote card filling)

Bill W’s 7 Years of Postcards Guide (Bill has done 9×12’s for years while working a corporate job, he sells spaces via a sales letter he sends in the mail!).

Grant M’s 9×12 Directory Card Guide (Grant and his Partner Debi have been selling 9×12’s for ages and also have seen a lot of success with their spin on a directory-style card that’s really unique and buttery smooth to sell).

Elite Vault Membership

Local Marketing Masterclass My HIGHEST LEVEL information on making a full-time living in local marketing.

Postcard Hurdle Breaker how to run a stress-free 9×12 business

9×12 Samples (I have new blank ad ones coming shortly – within days).