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Take advantage of my hard work and simply copy what my team is doing this month.

And if you didn’t notice, it’s a new Cash Calendar format! I had a real hard time trying to keep them organized in a PDF, so instead I figured out how to use some nifty new html features and put it in blog post format.

This will also make it very easy for me to replace with new info every month instead of trying to work from scratch on it (which has caused previous delays).  No more!

July is a very good month for generating new business. While it’s not a month that stands out in particular,  it does tend to produce prospects ready to act right away as well as ones who are interested in something in the fall. I think it’s because owners are just in a good mood in general. The weather is pleasant, it’s not near tax time and the holiday season feels far away and isn’t on too many radars yet.

Now if you’re reading this and it’s closer to August, you’ll actually need to start prospecting for business geared towards the fall and the very beginning of the holiday season. It creeps up VERY fast!

Now … just go ahead and pick the system you’re most interested in and use the info that I’m using personally for my business yourself. Enjoy.


These are the businesses that our team is currently prospecting throughout the month of July to generate NEW business.

This is currently our fourth year prospecting both locally and nationally for various mailing and print services; so you can be assured these are the right industries to target.

Also, if you’ve got some interesting ones to share, feel free to share in the comments below.

Co-op Mailer

Co-op Mailer

Targeted Mailings

Print/Design Services


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