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  1. I’ve been selling print for 12 years and this is an absolutely super way to present and everything that Bob is talking about I can tell that he’s had the actual experience this is real world stuff this isn’t some cute Siri

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  2. Thanks! Sorry for all the wrong tactics I’ve been telling people LOL. Now instead of emailing/calling 60 businesses, maybe I’ll just go talk to 30 :-)

    Funny thing is, I’m pretty decent at B2C sales and have had success with selling other B2B services, but it’s mostly been through phone, email, or referrals. I’m interested in using this approach in cold B2B situations.

    I did door knocking about 10 years ago for a company called Quill (office supplies) and it was all “churn & burn”, get in, see what they need, get out. We had a few tactics and strategies we used to build rapport, etc., but the main focus was to move as fast as possible until you knew you had a buyer, then slow down and fulfill their order while trying to upsell other things.

    So I had to break free from that cold walk in approach mindset and this audio helped with that so thanks!

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      works here on my end fine and I just checked using icognito tab. You might have to change browsers or refresh for some reason. It’s definitely there though.

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