12 Space 9×12 Layouts 10k

12 Spaces (10,000 Mailed)

A 12-space layout is the what I believe should be the minimum amount of spaces sold on a 9×12. I personally don’t care for this model because the low volume of ads mean the pricing has to be higher than I like in order to meet margin. That said, I see a lot of 9×12’s come in for printing with 12 spaces and long-time successful member “Zenyatta” uses a 12 space 9×12.

What I do think a 12-space layout is good for are “theme” cards such as Valentines Day, Spring (home improvement, etc.), Mothers Day, Christmas, etc. where there’s not a large selection of businesses and size of ads are more important. This particular layout gives you a total of six medium sizes, four large, and two extra large. If you feel it doesn’t complicate your pricing structure too much, you can break down the upper right corner ads as ‘small’.


12 Space 9×12 Layout

9″ x 12″
10,000 quantity
UV gloss coated, bundled 100’s
1-2 day printing, 1-3 day shipping

Printing Cost: $1250
Design Cost: $325
Postage: $1,760
Total cost ……………….. $3,335

Small: $395
Large: $595
Extra Large:$750

Total Revenue … $6570
Average Ad Price: $547
Profit: $3,235
Margin: 49%


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