Episode 25: How to Beat the Piss Out of Valpak!

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If you’ve got a “competitor” (not really a competitor though) that’s doing shared mailers in an envelope or magazine format, like ValPak, Money Mailer, Clipper Magazine, etc. then you’ll know how frustrating it is to hear from prospects how they sound more valuable than your 9×12. Well here’s how to solve that problem.

Episode 24: Supriya Sells 16 Spaces in Three Weeks

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In today’s episode I’ve got Supriya in Massachusetts on the line ready to share with you her experience selling her first 9×12 card out in just three weeks… with a packed-full layout of 16 ad spaces. While I wish Supriya had some kind of magical method that made this all possible, the fact is she just went out and talked … Read More

Episode 22: How Bill in Detroit Fires out 9×12’s On Only 2 Hours of Prospecting Per Month

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Today I’ve got Bill W. in Detroit on the phone who’s put out well over thirty 9×12’s over the past  few years while working a full-time job and doing barely any prospecting. Most of his cards virtually fill themselves each month, while the remaining spaces are filled using his sales letter that he mails out to cold prospects. If you’re interested … Read More

Episode 21: How To Choose Between EDDM or Targeted Mailings

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Subscribe in iTunes New Member Content Downloads! Yes I know my site looks a little bare, but that’s because I’ve been spending all my time on the content area instead… which has some pretty jaw-dropping material if I must say. You should check it out.  Yep,  I finally released the new member content site, fully loaded with tutorials and guides you can … Read More