Episode 30: Updates! Something FREE is coming tomorrow …

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Nine months later a new podcast episode is here! Why has it taken me so long to get back to podcasting? I don’t know … between running the office, working with clients, having another kid (six now!), and managing the online stuff as well has made it difficult. But … most of the kids are in school now and it’s just … Read More

Five Secret Reasons You May Want To Be An S-Corp Instead of LLC

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There’s more than a few ‘hidden’ benefits about S-Corps have that I really wish I knew about years ago. These are mostly what accountants, articles, or books don’t seem to talk much about, and get incredibly overlooked. Choosing a business structure is a serious task and if you’re a sole proprietor, sooner or later you’ll want to upgrade to a more proper business entity.  After all if you stay … Read More

The difference between Markup and Margin (and how to calculate it on the fly)

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Calculating profit margin is one of the most critical tools you’ll need to understand as a business owner. Unfortunately, most independent marketers don’t have a clue of what it is, confuse it with markup, and even if they know it, can’t calculate it quickly when needed. So I’m going to solve all that for you today! #1 Why’s margin so important? Well, profit margin … Read More