Bob's Bonus for Roofer Roundup

Thanks for picking this up through my link! I really appreciate it. 

As promised ... I'm giving you my personally created PDF for roofers that you can email and actually get response -- often roaring to buy!

How do you use it? 

Well, you simply contact roofers however you would normally (emailing/cold calling/in-person,etc.) and see if they'd be willing to check out some information on how they can get more roofing jobs cheaply. 

Then you send them this PDF, of which you can modify if you'd like (it comes unbranded), and it's going to knock their socks off. 

Some of them will contact you back asking how they can take advantage of these things, and even more will call back if you send them a few follow-up emails seeing if they're interested. 

These WORK, I know because they're a critical part of our prospecting operation.

Enjoy the brilliant simplicity!

As always, if you have any trouble, or questions, I'm only an email away.

itsbobross at gmail dot com

Sincerely, Bobsy