Learn How You Can Get
FREE Business From the USPS



Jake "Bob Ross" here and I'd like to offer you my "dummies" guide to getting the USPS to send local print and mail jobs your way.

I've put together a simple (but complete) start-to-finish document  that you'll need to take advantage of leveraging postal sales reps to send business your way on a regular basis.

I'll show you everything from what to say, what to have prepared, what to expect, and everything else you need to take advantage of this free source of business.

Listen, I highly suggest you take advantage of this before someone else does in your area.

I can't stress that enough. Otherwise, another marketer within 100 miles of you will take your spot and get the businesses they're generating. It's just a matter of time.

I felt this was the perfect time to share a document like as I could include it as a limited-edition bonus for anyone who picks up Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis' latest product through my link here ...

Affiliate Disclaimer and Terms

This digital product guide is available to you as a bonus for purchasing the product above THROUGH MY AFFILIATE LINK. I receive a small commission when you purchase through my link of which I will likely put towards feeding my 10 year old who eats 24/7 yet never gains a pound. Provided you used my link for purchase, you will get my bonus under "bonus" in warriorplus, see example here.