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She does it without having to meet or speak with anyone. It's by far the most non-social local marketing process I've come across in my near-decade of local marketing. She does it because she'd rather be at home with her family (and by her own words, she is not a "closer").

I've watched card after card come from her and her students she has coached over the year, all filling their cards with no face or telelphone contact. It's incredible. For many of you, that probably sounds like a dream come true. And that's why she has no shortage of students who patiently wait for openings in her private mentorship program.

"This is the Most Cold, Unemotional, and Distant Postcard Method I've Ever Witnessed"

From the email that Monica sent me this picture attached ... "I've attached a much more recent of me and my girls. Candid shot that the husband took right before dinner. This is the same chair that I sit when I am emailing in the dining room. And those girls in my arms is the reason I do this and fell blessed you taught a real business that could be adapted to my dining room table. Often one or the other is all up in my lap!"

If you aren't aware, Monica (above) developed her unique email-only system of filling postcards by necessity. Challenging pregnancies forced her by Doctor's orders to strict bedrest. That means for months she couldn't get out of bed, unless going to the bathroom or going to Doctor visits.

Filling postcards by email was the only way she could contribute to household expenses without having to [literally] get out of bed.

 Her private mentorship program over the last year has graduated countless students with filled cards all across the nation (I know because I print them all)..

And since September, she's been filling new mover cards in cities ranging from local to hundreds of miles away. Using nothing but her proven email scripts and some very handy web resources that are freely available.

Now You Can Learn Her Exact Process, including her Email Scripts, Website, Online Payment Form, and Postcard Templates that anyone can edit. 

If you want to fill postcards:

  • without ANY face to face or phone contact
  • to any location in the USA
  • from anywhere you're located
  • In a very short period of time

Then you need to learn from the only person on the planet who has mastered it to the point where you can simply follow her instructions and fill your postcards without ever speaking to or looking at someone in person. 

There's No Postcard Manual Clearer-Cut than This

As you go through her walk-through blueprint, you'll notice it's entirely devoid of anything besides crystal clear instruction. 

There's no hype, motivational-talk, filler, lofty goals, or senseless chatter. It's an action manual that's laid out in steps so clear you can see through them. This is for those of you who want to avoid the uncertainty of face to face sales

You'll find it reads precisely like an equipment manual. Plug this piece in here, plug that piece in there. You just simply do what she instructs. Not surprisingly, (like a proper manual), you reach the final steps and it all comes together just as expected.


What you Get

This Rare Package Includes All Email Scripts, Wordpress Website, Online Payment Form Instructions, Editable Postcards Templates, and a complete A to Z walkthrough manual.

You get ALL Monica's email scripts. These are the word-for-word scripts she uses to fill her personal cards, as well as her coaching students use. Soup to nuts. There are scripts for everything from the initial emails, to follow-up emails, as well as reply emails, for every situation.

You get "everybody" editable postcard templates. Not only do you get the fully editable source templates in PSD (photoshop) format, but our resident design pro, and fellow postcard marketer Gregg Poserina has created CANVA versions! Canva is the free web-based design builder that anyone can edit online with.

And Yes, you get complete instructions from zero to full new mover card. You'll be shown EVERYTHING, from setting up a website (included) & online payment form,  to loading the scripts into email software. It's all covered with nothing left out.

This is a COMPLETE package.



"No Offense to Jake, But I think this may be the easiest, step-by-step, postcard-filling method available".

Those are the words from one of my members after going through Monica's "new mover" mentorship, where he completed a new mover card without any face-to-face contact in just 18 days. Unfortunately I can't name him but he's a VERY well known marketer in our group.

"The instructions are are detailed so very easy to follow in fact I was able to get the New Movers card and system up and ready to sell in just a couple of hours."

"Monica's approach to approach to selling ad spots via email is genius! With her guidance I just finished my second M6 card, totally faceless, while working my full-time job!
When I heard about the new movers card on Jake's Facebook Live Show, I knew it would be a great product to sell heading into the holidays but I was hooked on the Faceless method so I waited to started. You can imagine how excited I was that Monica would be offering a New Movers version of her faceless method. I knew I had to get it and it did not disappoint.
The instructions are are detailed so very easy to follow in fact I was able to get the New Movers card and system up and ready to sell in just a couple of hours.
The package includes everything a procrastinator like me needs: easy to follow steps, artwork, the website, the emails. I honestly don't see how she could make it any better. I can't thank her enough for sharing her very unique skill set through her guides and guidance... thanks to her (and Jake) I will be making my full time job part-time in the near future!"

Madalyn Omato (you can find her on facebook)

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This product is for business owners who looking to expand their current local advertising business. There are no guarantees of profits or results, and your results may vary. The primary content you are purchasing are email scripts, wordpress website theme, online payment form instructions, and fully customizable postcard artwork templates. Do not buy this if you're looking for something that will magically create a business or income for you. Those variables are dependent on your personal effort and circumstances.


The product offer is a well-tested system and is not offered on a trial basis. Because this contains digital product delivered via Internet download we generally offer no refunds. If you change your mind about your purchase and you have not downloaded our product, we will happily issue you a refund upon your request within five days of purchase. Refund requests made after you have downloaded our product are handled on a case by case basis and are issued at our sole discretion. Refund requests, if any, must be made within five (5) days of your original purchase.

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