The Local Marketers Guide to
Freedom & Independence

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Because It’s not “polished” enough. But more importantly because I’m going to use whatever money is accumulated from sales to give to a family close to me that truly needs it right now. (As they’ve gone through a very heartbreaking and traumatic experience.)

I also need to spend some time with my kids, as I’ve promised them I’d start a campfire and shoot off some (now legalized!) fireworks in the backyard, so I apologize for this very short sales page.

What You Get …

25+ Pages of Off-the-cuff, completely straight shooting content of how you can start making a full-time income from local marketing instead of doing it part time or as a hobby.

If you’re able to pick this up within this very short window of time, you will likely treasure the secrets, tips, tricks, and shortcuts that I’ve included forever.

I’ll let the honest reviews from real local marketers just like yourself, below, “do the talking”.

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