Use this Simple Script to Land Deals Right Away

Start Today!

Want to start landing deals right away? As in potentially today? This is what you can do.

You know I love print/mail. I’ve said it over and over, print brokering is the FASTEST, EASIEST thing you can start doing to make money right away. For some reason this still does not catch on to most marketers, but I guess in the end that’s OK as it’s simply more money for those of us that do.

This isn’t a lesson on how to do print brokering, this is a script that will land you deals for it, but thankfully the process is extroardinarily simple. You sell everyday business printing projects (flyers/brochures/business cards/postcards/letterhead/etc.) and use me or any print source you desire to fulfill, pocketing the difference between what you charge your client and what the printing costs on your end. That’s how you broker print.

The Script:

Use this in email, messaging, however you want:


“Hi, my name’s Jake, I own a small print business here in XYZ, would you need any printing down the road that I could quote you on? (flyers, brochures, business cards, postcards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.)?”
No pressure, I’m just trying to get my name out there and have always heard good things about you guys.


That’s it.

No walls of text, no overhypyness, no crazy claims without credibility, or any of that nonsense.

This script works, I’ve used it successfully way too many times to count, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given it to students with success as well over the years. (I know it works because I’m usually fulfilling their jobs they land!)

What to expect:

Obviously I don’t have a crystal ball so I can’t predict nor guarantee what your results will be, but if you start sending them out you will get responses.

Notice you’re not asking them for anything right now, which is important because it disarms them. But the beauty is that you’ll capture a lot of positive “get back to me”, or “I will need X soon” and it gives you a chance to quote things and have a conversation, all without pressure.

When the time comes … and printing eventually runs out so it does come … you’ll get the deal.

And sometimes, which will be surprisingly common, they will need something printed NOW! This is because most businesses that are brick & mortar do some kind of printing regularly, even if it’s just business cards, but it’s a huge hassle to go to the printer or find something online and upload and create artwork etc. So they put it off, then you come along and they don’t have to do any of that.

So use this script, keep sending emails/messages (don’t get spammy or go too crazy and get shut down by Google or FB!), and you’ll see responses like you’ve never seen before, I’m sure of it.


Build a list of local businesses that are likely to have an owner reading the emails or messages. It’s not even bad to still contact businesses with office managers likely to read them either, think law firms and such, because they are often the ones ordering print currently.

My most important tip though is to look at their niche and when you mention the products in the script for suggestions, use the items with what they might be attracted to for their niche. This is IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT IMPORTANT.

Say you’re contacting realtors, you wouldn’t tell them menus right? You’d mention things like open house signs, business cards, etc. For restaurants you might say takeout menus or table tents. Think about what your target niche uses specifically and use those as suggestions.

Do It

Don’t just let this sit there, start sending emails/messages/and if you’ve got the cajones, go actually ask someone face to face. (here’s the biggest pro tip of all … if you ask them face to face … you will have EXTREMELY high closing rates. Businesses do printing all the time and this business should be yours instead of the idiot at the staples counter.