Additional Resources, Products, and Training

Interested in more of this type of marketing? I don’t blame you!

I’ve been teaching (and more importantly, doing) postcard and print marketing since 2011 and it seems to get even better every year. It’s a great opportunity that other marketers aren’t even thinking about yet is easier to sell than any other digital service I know of.

Here’s some more products of mine if you want to check ’em out:

9X12 MASTERY SERIES : this is my flagship system that thousands of marketers have used over the years to make $5,000 or more per month every month.

COMMUNITY CASH COURSE: A powerful postcard system that leverages facebook and your local community to make money as well as bring in clients instantly for whatever service you’re selling.

STICKY SELLERS: My favorite way to get FREE advertising for your own marketing agency, in a way that’s extremely clever and profitable to boot. A MUST have for any local marketing pro.

LOCAL MARKETING MASTERCLASS: For those that really want to be taken seriously. This is all about how to run a high-ticket local marketing agency where getting $10,000 or more deals are childs play. You will truly be a pro by the end of this comprehensive video mastercourse.