Major Changes

Notable local marketing landscape changes: 

  1. Many Restaurants, which were a large source of business for me for advertising, are barely able to function due to staff shortages combined with skyrocketing food and material costs. 
  2. Professional trade services staff shortages (HVAC, Auto mechanics, etc.)
  3. Auto services suffering staff loss and difficulty to hire, combined with difficulty getting parts. 
  4. Businesses are sometimes so busy they don’t need to advertise yet they’re still struggling because they can’t keep up. Weird predicament.
  5. Prices and availability of many things affected by supply chain issues.
  6. Home services, which were a HUGE percentage of my personal clientele … having difficulty with workers. 

DON’T WORRY THOUGH. You can still make plenty of money in local marketing and see lots of success this coming year but the main thing will be that you have to work SMARTER.

In past years, you could brute-force your way into selling marketing, seeing success just by simply getting in front of more owners and putting in more effort. 

Now, you’ll need to do a little more planning and preparation, and be smarter about how, who, and when you prospect because things have just simply changed so much.