Welcome to my “2022 Local Marketing Blueprint”.

I’ve never made one of these before, mostly because I use such long-standing methods that they don’t really change a whole lot. Plus I always felt that by the time the summer rolls around you’re not going to be following anything from last year … and most of us are ready for what’s to come for the next.

BUT, this past year, wow the local marketing landscape has changed so much due to the pandemic. I thought it was all going to go back to ‘normal’ but I’ve accepted that things have really changed in some aspects and have adapted.

So it made sense to make a complete “2022” blueprint, sharing the plan I’m using for the whole year with the new adaptations, as well as some resources and sources of business you may never have really thought of — or forgotten.

Please watch the videos AND read through the text of the lessons. There’s a lot of info in the videos that won’t be in the text, etc.

Also I apologize for not being highly energetic as usual during these, these are more casually-shot than normal and I treated it as if I was having a simple conversation with you. I even shot this in my bedroom, haha.