Community Cash

"Gain INSTANT Credibility, Rule the Roost in Your Locale, and Never Have to Leave Your Keyboard!"

Hey fellow marketer! Jake Lorraine here. 

I'm ready to teach you some things you may have never seen the likes of before in local marketing. 

Honestly, I don't even know where to start, but I'll give you some of the key things ... 

Here's What You'll Learn:

1: Gain Fast Credibility

How would you like to suddenly gain real credibility regardless of your experience or lack of clients? I know that sounds shifty as hell but I swear I have the answer you've been looking for. And it's 100% ethical.  

Believe it or not you'll be able to pitch the services you want without a prospect rolling their eyes again. I don't care what you sell, it's gonna make life so much easier. 

Usually the only thing holding you back is a lack of credibility. You can take all the action you want but if no one knows who you are it makes it hard to pitch ANYTHING and results in those really defeating days. NO MORE after learning this!


2: Sell through Facebook Without Leaving Your Keyboard

Every introvert on this page will be drooling over this one. Look I know much hard prospecting sucks. In fact it's damn near impossible for many of you to do. Throw in this current pandemic and you've got a insurmountable problem of getting clients. 

But believe it or not ... you can sell to your local community while safely hidden behind your keyboard. 

And if you think it involves running ads or messenger bots, you are dead wrong. Not on my watch, that's too complicated for me. 

What I'm going to do is show you how to build the most popular local facebook community group imaginable, which you can use to sell your own services and even anyone else's you want. 

There's NO OTHER MARKETER who knows how to do this better than I do and I want to share it all with you, no strings attached. You'll be "ruling the roost" in your local area in no time, being the star of your community without even showing your face on the streets. 

Follow what I do and you'll have more reach, influence, and command of your local area than the mayor. Think of what that will do for your business (and life). 

Just don't get all Denzel Washington 'training day' crazy afterward and start walking down main street yelling "King Kong Ain't Got ....".


3: Knock Out a Community Postcard

In case you don't have a marketing service that sells like hotcakes, I'll give you one, called the community card

It's the perfect thing to start off with.

You can bang one of these out so quick your head will spin. Your neighbors will think you're some kind of deity sent from heaven when they see it. In fact many of them will actually help you sell it.  

Wait till you see the "trick" I use to get them to do the selling for me. It'll be one of the biggest marketing gems you ever come across. 

But You Can't do ANY of it
if you don't get this course!

Presented in a Truly Refreshing Style

I don't like products filled with useless bonuses and bloat. I made this course with 15 short video lessons that cover everything from A-to-Z.

I always bring the quality, simplicity, and speak straight to the point. And before you ask, there are ZERO upsells, downsells, or sidesells.

It's all here, in beautiful lesson format. 

Lastly, It's Affordable

You may wonder why I've priced this so cheap:

1. I'm an idiot 

2. I don't want price to be a barrier. I don't want money to stop you from getting started on a fresh new path, or learn a new way to sell your current services. These times are brutal enough, I just want you to succeed. 

Pick it Up Right Now

You'll get an email with access right after you purchase, and And YES this works WHEREVER you are located in the World so long as you decide to target YOUR local area.

Important Disclaimer

There's no guarantee you'll make money or see specific results. Everyone's experience can vary and business always involves risk. This is simply a training course for professionals looking to enhance their existing local marketing business. 

Due to the digital format and instant delivery of this product, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Should you have any questions before purchase I'll be more than happy to answer them so you can make a confident decision. Please don't hesitate to email me day or night at [email protected]