Here's How to Run a


Postcard Business


It's your friend Jake "Bob Ross" here, and I'm publishing something today ONLY available to you, the members of my postcard community.

This is not a public launch, "lead magnet", or any of that jazz.  That's why the sales page lacks any ludicrous copy or over-the-top graphics. I'm not trying to win affiliates over.

I'm just trying to win your attention.

If you're doing (or plan to do) shared postcards, like 9x12 or M6, then this is the document you've been waiting for. 

I've laid out the most pure , unadulterated information you need if you want to succeed in the postcard business. It's a handbook that will be your pathway to postcard success.

With NO STRESS, as you'll avoid all major hurdles.

Nothing Else Will Flourish Your
Postcard Sales Like This Will

You'll instantly learn how to prevent virtually every problem, pitfall, hurdle, and emergency you'll encounter in the shared postcard business.

I'll show you how to:

  • Swiftly Avoid the #1 killer of cards that SO many marketers make
  • Pitch With No Stress
  • Close on-the-spot With Ease
  • Look credible beyond belief
  • "Rope" owners in without saying anything
  • Smack deadlines in the face
  • Sell ads on a whim
  • Handle even the most emergency situations
  • Scale to incredible degrees

And also share secrets to:

  • Getting TREMENDOUSLY high recurring advertiser rates
  • Increasing response for your clients multiple times over
  • Smacking the living daylights out of any competition

And much more, packed into this forty-eight page "golden" document, called ...

The Bob Ross
Postcard Hurdle




Start Whisking Those
Postcard Problems Away!

I see mistakes made ALL THE TIME. Huge mistakes. Mistakes of gargantuan size that will crush your chances of a long-term successful postcard business.

And I bet you have no clue about them. Despite seeing them all the time, I can't always just "step in" and fix every pitfall I see.

So that's why I wrote this magical handbook. It's an easy-to-digest blueprint for avoiding virtually every mistake you can make, while also learning the shortcuts to extremely fast-filling cards.

Get it While It's Cheap.

Because I feel that this should be in EVERY serious 9x12, M3, or M6'ers hands, I'm making it incredibly affordable for now.

This will eventually end up as a handbook I offer to coaching students, as part of a much higher priced package, so here's an opportunity to grab it before it's gone.

Now if you're scraping by and you need to make money this week or else you go homeless, then put this off for now. But DON'T start 9x12 or M6 until you get this.

When you're serious about selling postcards, and you want the most STRESS-FREE experience doing it ... You must pickup this guide, or spend much more learning these mistakes the hard way.

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