Bob Ross Bonus for Tom Gaddis

“The Bob Ross Bonus”

Thank you picking up Tom (and Nick’s) awesome product! Now as promised, here’s my solution to selling websites fast and cheap.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a “web design” marketing expert. I don’t make my living selling web design and I’m sure that there are some very good methods for getting business that are used by those who are. But there’s a good reason why you should actually listen to me:

It’s because I TURN DOWN web design deals on a near daily basis. Mostly because I don’t want the hassle, but also because most of these people want them for $100 – $250, which is impossible to create when you have to pay an outsourcer a couple hundred bucks alone, plus by the theme.

Where’s the profit in that?

So with a theme that looks amazing and has FULL developer rights included, meaning you don’t have to buy it again every time you want to install it on a new client’s site, you can actually build websites for next to nothing, charge a hundred bucks or whatever a pop, and still make a profit!

(and most importantly, get your foot in the door).

How do you find an endless supply of small biz owners looking for websites, cheap and fast? Easy

… Just lookup NEW BUSINESSES.

New businesses have some capital to spend (not always a lot but they have some), they’re excited, they’re inexperienced, not jaded, and they can turn into life-long clients that can be highly rewarding.

New businesses pop up all the time, from Auto Mechanic Shops to Wedding Planners, to Cupcakeries, to Marriage Counselors. And a huge percentage of them either won’t have a website made yet or will highly dislike the one they do have.

All you gotta do is get to them before someone else does. That’s it, 90% of the time it’s just a matter of getting to them before another marketer does.

The good thing is hardly any marketers specifically target New Businesses, because they don’t actually know how to find them reliably.

But it’s easy!

Just hit up your local library. ¬†Most of them have access to either “DatabaseUSA” or “AtoZ Databases” and you can pull a list of new businesses in your town or wherever you want, within a couple clicks.

And you don’t even have to GO to the library, if they have access and you have a library card (which you can get online), you can access it all right from your home. They spend thousands and thousands per year on these resources so you might as well use it!

Library doesn’t have access? It’s OK, somewhere in your state does, and your librarian can actually look it up for you. That’s their job! Then you just find out how to get an outsiders library card and go ahead and get access that way.

No luck worst case scenario? … hit me up and I’ll see if I or another marketer can pull a list for you. We all gotta help each other out.

And there’s SO much more to sell

I could go on and on and on about selling to new businesses. They’re virtually untouched by other marketers and they get excited to the hilt over marketing stuff in these early stages, particularly things that look flashy. That’s why I sell a lot of print to them, and you should too.

New businesses … mmmmm …. now I’m hungry to pull a list and hit some up tomorrow!