12 Spectacular Ways To Get More Print Customers!

Ed H. Wrote: 

"Hi Jake. It was another great show today. I only missed the first
couple of minutes. Bought the "12 ways" during the show, and
went over it shortly after the live feed. It was everything that I have
come to expect from you, and more. Always satisfying; I never
feel short-changed when buying from you."


I apologize for this very short sales page but I am pressed for time!

Included in this package is exactly what the title says.... 12 spectacular ways to get more print customers. I've detailed a dozen methods that I personally use and have seen others use to land more printing deals.

And these are SIMPLE methods. Nothing complex, overwhelming, or un-doable by even the most novice entrepreneur.

You'll get this in PDF format, accessible INSTANTLY once purchased.


You're also getting my own personal print quoting template, which I use to email quotes to people for print orders. Which ALSO includes an order form built into the same document!

It's in .xls (excel) spreadsheet format but you can open it right up in google sheets if you don't have excel (I use it in Google Sheets anyways).

Simply plug in your own info and away you go. EASY.


Only $20

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