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  • Streak

    A FREE and easy to use extension that works with Gmail and allows you to track when someone opens your emails. Know exactly when to follow-up.

  • Leadsplease.com

    A great service to quickly lookup free list counts to determine how many targets you’re your client have in a given area. Also great to use for comparing EDDM vs. targeted mail campaigns

  • USPS EDDM Tool

    The USPS every door direct mail tool where you can look up and review routes, as well as process your campaigns and pay for postage

  • USAData.com

    My preferred source of buying direct mail lists. They now partner with Axciom which has a massive library of data to choose from. And expensive to boot.

  • PipeDrive CRM

    Well I don’t use this personally, I know many who do and swear by it. Easily keep track of your prospects, leads, and clients so that you know just one to follow up to reach out to them again.

Print & Design

  • Printing4SuperCheap.com


  • Printplace.com

    A great resource to check pricing on and use for your retail prices for your clients. There pricing tends to be just slightly lower than what would be found from a local printer — so it’s a perfect way to figure out what to charge.

  • GraphicRiver

    I spent hundreds of dollars per year here on mockup templates and predesigned graphics for my clients. You’ll save an incredible amount of time and money to just picking up designs that are already ready to use.

  • Adobe Color

    Quickly and easily find beautiful color schemes, even if you’re colorblind yourself. Great for creating brand identity or getting inspiration for ad design.

  • OnlinePrinters (UK & Europe)

    By far the best online printing source for low prices in Europe.

  • Photoshop Bleed & Safety Action

    This is a handy Photoshop action to have, which will allow you to simply click a button and your leads and safety will be automatically set up with guides.

Internet Marketing

Podcasting Tools

Office Stuff

  • I currently own four of these, two at home and two in the office. These little workhorses rarely jam, never break, spit pages out fast, and the large capacity toners are only about $20 on Amazon.

  • You couldn’t convince me to use any other pen. Jet streams are the most fluid writing tends that won’t smear or smudge I’ve ever used. Better than gels by far. They feel great in the hand and come in both fine and bold points. 

  • You’ll never find me without one of these in my hand or pocket over the last 10 years. Calculate profit margin and markup quickly anytime you need it. Which if you’re selling… will be pretty often! Forget your phone, use this. 


9 responses to “Bob’s Resources”

  1. Kamran Malik says:

    Hey…is there a place where we can change the password to get access to this site. I’ll never remember the password once it expires after the 2 weeks.

  2. Adam says:

    Hello Jake,

    Where is the link to get estimates on 9×12 printing? I am just starting work getting my 1st postcard filled and want to estimate this into my cost.



  3. Roger Weaver says:

    1) Where can f find templates and a sample 9X12 to use I’m initial canvassing. 2) I think I’m an elite member – so, if true, which of the”paid” courses are available? 3) have others had success with neighborhood so malls? Thx. – RW

  4. Cleo says:

    Hi Jake,
    Where can I go to get a 9×12 sample post card?

  5. Lorna says:

    I am just starting out and have seen afew mentions of some additional free e-mail prospecting advice from Osman Majeed, I have tried entering my details here : http://osmanmajeed.com/postcardmastery/getprospectingsystem/, but the optin form goes to a dead page. Is there anywhere else I can this info from please? Thanks!

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