Magical Phrases

Phrases, Words, Explanations, Loaded Questions, and various verbal ammunition.

Some of the most valued assets I have are the verbal phrases, words, analogies, metaphors, loaded questions, and other wordsmith-ery that I can use when needed.

While it would be crazy to think that you could simply read through these and commit them to memory when needed, a great tool I use is to simply put them on index cards and use them as flash cards.

Verbal Ammunition


Prospect says: “I don’t want to spend any more money”
Your response: “Fine, let me save you some then”. – “travin69” on warrior forum:

Lifetime Value

* If you could purchase customers, how much would you pay?
* What’s a brand-new customer worth to you?
* Let me ask you a question … if someone comes in and buys something do you tend to see them again?


Often I get ‘on the same page’ as them first, so I’ll say something like … “Jim I’ll tell you what … I used to HATE discounting, because I knew people would come do business with me eventually if they wanted to … and I’d get the full price … you know what I mean?”

then when they agree, I hit them with:

“Then I realized something Jim… I’d rather get $50 from someone right now and have it in the bank, then cross my fingers that I’ll get $100 from them 3 months later”



* Let’s say NINETY EIGHT percent of people will throw it out. “you’re not concerned about them. So if you send 10,000 out and 9,800 of them toss it, who cares, You’re concerned with the 300 people that might act on it.’


* Casino’s make billions of dollars a year because of sometimes a fraction of a percent advantage that they’re concerned about. casino’s make billions of dollars with advantages of even half a percent. so out of 100 someone plays, they might only win 51 times but it’s enough to make billions.

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